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Myrό Group serves as a platform for a wide variety of services consisting of land and property services, an Auction House, Art Galleries, Sculpture Symposiums, private collections management and more. Read a detailed description here.

Stavros Muronidis
Owner & CEO

Stavros Muronidis was born and lives in Thessaloniki. He studied Maths in USA, at the Macalester and Florida University, taught in the Purdue University of Indianapolis, and focused on chaos theory. During his stay in the States he travelled a lot, turning his love for antiques and auctions into a professional practice. After his return in Greece he worked as an antiquarian and he still works as an auctioneer. He developed further the family business “Antiques House”, he has founded Myrό Gallery, got involved into Real Estate business and took up several initiatives boosting and triggerring the production of cultural content in Greece. Last but not least, he established the Greek Marble Initiative in 2013.

Thanos Loudos
Real Estate and Art Investments Consultant
(0030) 6973507282

Thanos Loudos was born in Alexandroupolis and lives in Thessaloniki. He holds a Banchelor’s Degree in Economics, specialized in Business Economics and a Master’s Degree in Art, Law and Economy. He is passionate for Art, International Art Fairs, Auctions and Real Estate. He believes that Art and Real Estate can be married efficiently since both fields are dealing with luxury brands. Thanos Loudos is currently the Director of Myrό Gallery.

Κράτα το

Legal Department

Kazantzidis – Koukoudis & Associates
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